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magicuddle in add_me

Some basics for you...
My name is Paige. I am currently 23 years of age. I live in northern California, where I started & run my own bakery and live with my awesome boyfriend Peter.

I love laughing most of all :D
but I also love learning, loving, and life in general

Some of my lasting interests are...
reading -> I will read and enjoy almost anything, but usually I'm reading nonfiction (occasionally I will reward myself with some fluff)
Hinduism -> and I might as well add in Taoism, Buddhism, shamanism, Sufism, Sikhism, animism, and all kinds of spirituality
the universe
music -> I fingerpick guitar & have hosted radio shows in the past
journaling -> I had a livejournal for over 10 years and I've been keeping a paper journal for several years as well
small furry critters
art -> I do collages and dabble with watercolors, acrylics, and drawing, but when I say my interest is art, I mean like looking at it :3

Here are some things I care about:
feminism (which should more properly be called peopleism), sociology, history, gender studies, anthropology, treating everything with respect, spreading joy & righteousness :D

What you can expect to find in my journal:
Mostly talk about my life--stories about what's going on with me at present, thoughts I have, etc. I usually do my serious sort of "self-development" stuff in my paper journal; not that I'm opposed to doing it in this journal, it's just most of it winds up on paper--but the fruits of it pour out everywhere I am sure ;)

What I'm looking for:
Anyone anyone anyone! I just want to make friends. Because I run a bakery whose sole employees are myself and Peter, it's hard to get together with friends I have here, especially because my schedule doesn't lend itself to "going out" or partying much, and that's what most of my friends in town do. I'm looking for people I can get to know pretty well--through email exchanges or even being pen pals maybe--or at least people enjoy reading about! And that person could be anyone; although it would be cool to share similar interests, it's totally not necessary. I'm just interested in meeting people--and if you're reading this then you're most likely a person ;) I would welcome a middle schooler, or retired folk, and anyone in between.

Well thanks for reading my "about me" post & if you are so inclined, go ahead and friend me! :D


Added! :D
Thanks, I added you back! :)
Definitely! :)
Thanks :) Added you back!
Hello, I added you. :)
Awesome! I love the picture in your profile... I added you back!
Thanks! That's my hand. My roommate and I found a ladybug in our backyard and it landed right on my finger. ^.^
Hi, my name is Angela. Owning your own bakery must be tiring! I will be adding you :)
It really can be! It's pretty stressful but it's my baby <3 I added you back :)
Wow, you're 23 and you own your own bakery. Very impressive. I'm a 30-year-old baker who would love to read about this. I hope some day to start a bakery.
Thank you :) It was really quite the ordeal & experience getting it going but it was definitely worthwhile. I've added you back and I look forward to getting to know a fellow baker! :D
You sound awesome, added.
Heh, thank you :) I added you back. Your icon is mildly creepy...I like it.
added. :)
Added you back!!
Hello!May I add you?:-)
Of course! I added you back :)
Hii, I added you :)
Awesome! Added back
Can I get some butter cake?
If you want to come to California to get it, sure ;)
hey! added!
Added you back! :D
Cool! Added back! :)

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