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I'm just starting to get back into the LJ swing of things. I don't update regularly. You can go weeks or months without hearing something from me, then bam! I make dozens of posts in a single day. I'm pretty spontaneous like that.

My blog is mostly for personal use. I'm a bit of an artist. You can see my graphic design scattered about my blog's pages. I'm not looking for people to pay attention to me, rather people who I'll enjoy paying attention to. I have only one friend on my list who still updates *sob*

I'm Shelley. I'm a 21 year-old Coloradan who's a nerd queen extraordinaire and a ray of sunshine. I'm slightly eccentric, I have mild OCD, sporadic bouts of insomnia, and I'm a bit hotheaded. I'm a little egotistical, but I'll probably love you to death ;D My heart has belonged to a man named Jay for a year and a half♥

I LOVE being a nerd. If you're a fellow nerd we'll get along swimmingly. Talk of graphic novels, video games, and cult television and film will get my attention faster than a speeding bullet. I'm also a girl though, too. Fashion, beauty tips and advice on health is very helpful for this lady right here.

I'm looking for ... People who have interests and age in common with me. If you don't post in English I can't read your blog - sorry ): I enjoy reading about your life more than I do about your interests, so constant picspams and fic updates probably aren't going to catch my attention. A good mix of life and art is just what I want (: Someone who makes stand-up comedy a big part of their life as I do would be fantastic! I currently know no one, real life or otherwise, who loves stand-up as much as I do.

I'm not looking for ... People very young or people very old. It's hard for me to relate to people out of my age range. If you're in your early twenties that's perfect. Anything over 25 and I tend to loose touch. Girly girls are frowned apon. "You're no bigger than a twig and you're BITCHING?! Stop, just stop *facepalm*" Gender and sexual orientation aren't an issue with me at all, but if you're super into your religion that's great ... for you. I don't want your beliefs shoved down my throat.

You won't get to see my friends-locked posts until I get to know you.
I'm generally pretty shy, and don't want people to base me off of the personal things I post about.

If you want to know more I'm on Facebook.

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