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Hi. My name's Francisco. I just started a live journal. I used to have an online journal like a few years ago but lost interest.

I'm 27, straight, living in Mexico, working in a Mkt/PR Agency. I am a huge dork who loves comics (huge superman fan), video games, movies and music. I move a lot and travel a lot so I am a very social person. Most of my entries are about random things that happen in my trips or just when I hangout with friends.

My favorite music bands are Phoenix and Kings of Leon. Here's a huge list of Bands I like though: a day to remember, a rocket summer, ac dc, acceptance, all time low, arocket tothe moon, barednaked ladies, bloc party, brites futures, cartel, city and color, cobra starship, coldplay, cuteiswhatweaimfor, dashboard confessional, davemathews band, foreverthesickestkids, foster the people, gavin degraw, he is we, hinder, jacks mannequin, jason mraz, jimmy eat world, john mayer, katy perry, kings of leon, lee dewyze, metro station, michael buble, mike snow, neon trees, one republic, owl city, phoenix, sing it loud, snow patrol, the academy is, the fray, the killers, the maine, the script, the starting line, the strokes, third eye blind, train, we the kings, weezer, yellow card

Favorite Movies: Superbad, The Hangover, Gone in 60 seconds, Starwars and Gone in 60 Seconds

TV Shows: Glee , The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, The Biggest Loser, New Girl and Two and a Half Men

I don't like serious things. I love acting 4 but I know how to act my age when I have to. I don't like drama but somehow drama loves me. I like simple things and a good laugh.

This is me with my step sister

Feel free to add me.

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