Jessica (alwaysinrepair) wrote in add_me,

Not here for popularity...

My last post seem to hit some nerves. However, don't consider this an apology. I have a sarcastic and serious side. I'd rather people add me out of appreciation for my humor then because I came across as everyone else.

I 'm 25 years old. I work at a news station. I haven't had much success in relationships as I'm fresh from one where I was with them almost a year. I'm bitter in some ways, relieved in others. He was emotionally unavailable and didn't understand me. Thankfully I always have my sense of humor to fall back on. I love to make people laugh because then I laugh. I have limited friends because I am a difficult personality to deal with. But those who are know that I care and loyal to the end.

To those who spoke negatively about my last post, dig a little deeper next time.

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