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Return to LJ

Hey all.

Like several other 20-somethings, I'm making my return to LiveJournal after having a journal here in my teens. As of yet I haven't even made an entry on my new account, so we'll see how this goes. Lucky you if you decide to friend me! :)

I'm 22 and married with a dog named Bagel. I work as a newspaper reporter and my husband is currently deployed with the Air Force in an "undisclosed location in southwest Asia." Or Qatar, if you're good with geography.

I'm not particularly "geeky," artistic or into fandoms. I'm pretty happy with my life too, so there's not much to write about in regards to those types of things. I'm primarily interested in just writing about myself, reading about your life and connecting somewhere in the middle.

I do like some things like Disney and video games (including my new found excitement: Star Wars TOR) although I'm not crazy about them and probably won't talk about them unless someone else does. My favorite TV shows are things like Breaking Bad and Mad Men, and other guilty pleasures like Teen Mom and Top Chef. If you looked on my iPod you'd find classic rock and good female vocalists. I'll read almost anything, so that's not even worth trying to make a list. My husband and I like to travel. When he gets back from his deployment we're going to try to make our first international trip together to Europe.

If you're interested then friend me! I'd love to learn more about you.

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