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Hi! C: *waves*

                                                             Huda || 15 

I like a lot of things, small things, you may never even notice them, but they're there alright.
I can't even list it so I guess it doesn't really matter for now, I'm pretty sure we'll have something in common though.
Music, art...teddy bears...dancing in the rain...psychology...blood.. walking barefooted...whatever, you name it.

Some people think I'm bipolar but I guess it doesn't really matter. I'm sometimes very happy and giggly and cheerful, sometimes I'm too depressed to say a word for no reason, go for weeks without showering or brushing my hair, sometimes I cry, sometimes I bitch and it takes a word to switch between them all, But I guess...I dunno. I guess I have my problems, and if you can't handle them and will bail out on me when you realize that then please don't even bother.

And no, I don't see a doc and I won't be seeing any any time soon, so yeah, I dunno. The people that I already know just learn to live with it and you probably won't even realize anything different bout me unless we get close so yeah.

Anyway, I don't normally hate people. Unless they're mean to me or anyone else. Otherwise though, I have nothing against you. even though I might be closing up on you at first that doesn't mean I don't like you or anything I just cant really help it.. (Sorry bout that~)

And I actually like people and I like talking alot bout nothin in particular and sometimes I blabble too much and people say it's funny but it makes me blush and feel awkward so..yep

Also I'm obviously not English so I might need your help with explaining some things but that's rarely ever a problem, or so I'd like to think.

Anyhow, I get close to people, I get attached and I get hurt, so...
If you think you're up for it then add ahead. :)

Later~ ♥

P.s: I'm obsessed with quotes, I love music and I'm in love with P!atd.

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