Yelle, the elephant (yellephant) wrote in add_me,
Yelle, the elephant

Salut tout le monde

I've recently created a new username for a new beginning. A lot of my LJ friends on my old username have gone inactive. I am looking for LJ friends to build a journal-friendship with. I like reading detailed entries about daily life, feelings, opinions, etc. I am looking for friends with common interests, in a similar place in their lives, and around my age (22). Here is a little bit about me, feel free to add me and comment here or on my Friends Only entry so I can add you back. And tell me a little about yourself when you add me! 

I go by the name Yelle, short for Danielle. I am currently a student at university studying Event Management. On days that I am not at college I intern on the events department of a local science museum. I also have my Cosmetology license so I do hair and work in a hair salon as a stylist and over all salon coordinator. I am 22, engaged to my long-time boyfriend of nearly 5 years. We live together, about 2 hours away from family. I speak French, I would love it if I could practice my French with another LJ friend. I enjoy reading, writing, films, travel, cooking & baking, antiques, coffee, decor, art, anatomy, collecting, girly video games like Sims 3 and Animal Crossing, entomology (study of insects), international politics, atheism, animals, and gardening. 

Movies we can bond over:

Music we can bond over: 

Books we can bond over: 


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