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I'm Holly. 22 years old & I live in Orlando, FL.
I like to take pictures in fitting rooms with clothes I haven't even bought yet... Though, I did end up buying them :P

I have a wobderdul man named Ryan. February 25th will be our 1 year together. We have a baby on the way & I'm 10 weeks along :)

I live on & off with my dad who owns a bar in Orlando. And I sometimes stay with my grandmother in Saint Cloud.

I love shopping, reading, movies, dancing, lots of kiddie fun, exercising, pizza, drawing, taking pictures, making lists, quotes, dying my hair, coca-cola, cute gifts, scrapbooks, letters, animals, and many other things.

Music, movies, tv, & books::::
Harry Potter, Dexter, True Blood, House of Night, HIM, Vampire Academy, Slipknot, Tim McGraw, Katy Perry, Gemma Doyle trilogy, Tithe, Degrassi, Ghost Machine, Twilight, The Labyrinth, Almost Famous and so many others! The list goes on.

I promise I'm not boring. I use to live a very wild life and now that I'm pregnant I'm buckling down but I still got a lot of fun in me. I comment as often as I can and post as well. I'm looking for friends not numbers but if you're not gonna talk to me or me you or even read each others journals... Why be friends?

Add me & comment on my FRIENDS ONLY entry & I shall add you back :)

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