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Heey there.

I am new to livejournal, and am entirely unsure about how to go about this 'making new friends' business. I'm not quite sure what will go in my journal, probably a lot about fanfiction, a little about my life, and a whole lot of fandom/life freak out. Then again, I'm not quite sure, so we'll see how that goes.
Things I like! 
I am actually a Disney fanatic, like embarrassingly so. I watch a surprising amount of television too. Lately I've been really into: Merlin, Glee, Big Bang Theory, New Girl, Raising Hope, and I used to watch Supernatural religiously(but new seasons-meh), and I'm trying to get into Doctor Who. I adore anything Studio Ghibli. My taste in music is odd, and has a fairly wide range. 
I occasionally watch anime too, attend cons and such. 
I read a ridiculous amount. There are too many books for me to list out without making this post more dull than it already is. 
I am very open minded. I am a huge supporter of gay rights, and though I do appreciate/tolerate opposing opinions, I do not wish to engage with anyone who will criticize and demean my values. 
Oh, and according to Pottermore, I am a Ravenclaw. 

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