brass knucks barbie, bitch. (brassknucksbarb) wrote in add_me,
brass knucks barbie, bitch.

  • jennah

  • 23 years old

  • mom to a 4 year old superbeast, roman

  • fresh out of alooongggg assssss relationship with my kid's dad and high school bff, sean

  • in an incredible new relationship with the sickest high school teacher ever, morgan

  • about to start on a BFA in interior design

  • stay at home mom since my kid was born

  • just south of tampa flawduhh

  • prican/dominican/black

  • punk rock and hip hop flows through my veins

  • nerd extroardinare

  • ocd as fuck

before you add me, seriously read my friends only post and then comment/add. if you do not comment, i will NOT add you!!!

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