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-insert witty comment here-

I posted on a few adding communities around last summer - including this one, I think - and met several lovely new people through that, but my F List is beginning to dry up a bit and it's always lovely to meet new people so I thought I may as well post again. :)

I'm fucking awful at this kind of thing, so please don't be put off by how pretentious/boring/annoying I sound. I promise I'm a nice person really!

Paragraphs about myself never turn out well, so I'm just going to list random points of 'interest' and hope for the best.
-clears throat awkwardly-

- I'm 17 years old.
- I live in Northwest England.
- I adore writing, reading and watching movies; anything that involves the exploration of different worlds and people.
- I'm fascinated by people in general (probably the main reason why I come on Livejournal).
- I'm unhealthily obsessed with Skins and, to some extent, Harry Potter.
- I'm currently studying Combined English, Psychology, Philosophy and Early Modern History at college.
- I'm sadly not even slightly artistic, but I do adore anything artistic (not just painting; photography, fashion, even baking...) so if your blog includes that kind of thing I'd love to see it!
- I want to be a writer. It's all I've ever seriously wanted to do, and it's always just seemed like such an inevitability that I don't know what I'll do if I don't end up being a writer of some kind (preferably fiction, but the idea of journalism seems increasingly appealing these days).
- I'm a climbing fanatic (though I don't do it nearly enough nowadays) and I love swimming and cycling.
- Kate Atkinson is my God. She's incredibly underrated, so if you've even read anything by her I automatically like you.
- I'm trying to get involved in charity work; I've done very little so far, but hopefully I'll keep on doing more and more and get seriously involved when I'm older. It's something that means a huge deal to me.
- I'm a vegetarian and an atheist (thought I may as well group these together as they're the two things about me that could potentially be considered ~controversial). I'm happy to discuss my opinions on meat eating and/or religion, but it's unlikely that you're going to change my mind on either issue.
- I'm a magazine addict.
- I'm honestly more interesting than these shitty little points make me out to be.

My journal consists largely of diary-style entries (lots of which, let's be honest, are quite whiny - I try not to be too much of a negative person, but I do have some ~personal issues that I have to write about alongside the fun stuff in order for my journal to be at all representative of who I am), with the occasional short story/extract from one of the longer stories I'm currently working on. I really don't mind if people have much/anything in common with me or not; provided you're friendly and not racist or homophobic or a mass murderer or anything, it's cool. Add me and I'll add you back. :)

Thankyou for sitting through this, and apologies for being so socially awkward that it transfers through a damn computer screen. ♥

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