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Its one of my many rounds back here on LJ.

I'm a geography major with a year left of school. I have odd jobs and am consistently working or studying (if i'm not lurking on the internetz) as I put myself through school and life. With my area of study comes the territory of my loving the outdoors, which I will likely yap about if I get the chance.

I'm also very sensitive, and acute to emotions and expression. I don't care for poetry which is probably why I've used LJ to express myself. I love fine art and expression, photography, healthy food, exercise, tea, and such simple things of life. I'm also interested in philosophy, sci-fi, literature, environmental issues, computer science.

While I feel fussy pointing it out, I'm looking for friends with a variety of interests as well. Spelling and grammar ok, and I can't read cyrillic so for the Russian LJ comrades out there, English entries will suffice :-p

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