mimda (mimda) wrote in add_me,

I'm awful at introductions, so this will probably be pretty short.

My name is Jammie.
I'm 24 years old.
I live in New Jersey.
In a 4 year long relationship with John.
I'm the mommy to an adorable 16 month old baby boy
I have two dogs that I adore.
I'm a full time student, graduating in May! (Sociology major, Psych minor)
I work.
Coffee may have taken over the blood in my veins.
I love playing with my son, spending time with my boyfriend, hockey, movies, music, reading and tons of other silly things.
I have 3 older brothers, 1 niece, and 5 nephews.
I love my family, although, at times they drive me bat shit crazy.
I have a potty mouth.
I'm shy and quiet when you first meet me.

I post about my day, whats going on in my life, my family, pictures, the occasional meme and whatever else I feel like sharing. I read everything on my friends page, but only comment when I have something to say.

My journal is friends only. If you'd like to add me please comment here or on my friends only post. :)

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Posted via LiveJournal app for iPhone.


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