Sarah (5starwoman) wrote in add_me,

looking for friends!

Hi all,

I've been active on LJ since 2003, but it seems that all my old LJ friends are disappearing. That said, I am looking to meet some new people to be friends with, who will update somewhat regularly (as opposed to never!) I am not looking to just bulk up the number of friends that I have, but am looking for people to form an actual online-friendship with. I'm a fairly private person and am always wary to just add people who I don't know very well, so if your LJ is locked and you don't have much written about yourself in your bio, chances are I won't feel comfortable adding you back. So tell me a bit about yourself? :)

My name is Sarah. I'm 25, Canadian, living at home, dedicated to my family, and going through a bit of a rough patch right now. I'm a friendly person who posts a healthy mix of nonsense entries, happy entries, and the occasional mopey/angsty one (but I usually keep those to myself). How much I update seems to fluctuate yearly. I'm currently updating at least four times a week. I post a lot of videos of myself, either just telling a story or, more often than not, singing and playing my ukulele. I have a great love for TV, and hope to someday make my career in it. I don't talk about TV a lot, but I do rant about various shows every now and then. Currently I'm re-watching all four seasons of Mad Men in anticipation for the fifth. I'm open minded and accepting, and don't particularly care for labels as they immediately turn a switch in peoples' brains.

Anyway, I guess that's it. Check out my profile for my interests, etc. If you have any questions before adding me, go for it. Here's an example of the nonsense I post at my LJ:


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