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Hello there, fellow set of pixels on a screen. :) Now, you're probably wondering what I can tell you about me, since this is the nature of the community and all. ;) So, without further ado..

About me:
- I'm 26 years old.
- Female, in case it's not obvious (it's probably obvious).
- Single, and that's probably never going to change.
- I like reading, especially fantasy, horror, and crime novels.

- I'm a practising Catholic (pro-life and politically conservative).
- I really don't like coffee.
- I'm a huge geek.
- After theology, my fave subjects are science and history.
- I love animals.
- Calligraphy is lotsa fun too.
- I can also knit, but my crocheting sucks beyond belief.
- I listen to a lot of Enya.
- But really, I like all types of music.

Stuff I like

Books/Authors: Discworld series, Song of Fire & Ice series, Stephen King, Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, Khaled Hosseini, Pablo Neruda, amongst others.

Shows: Star Trek (TNG love!), NCIS, HIMYM, Modern Family, Arrested Development, Scrubs, House, Fringe, Big Bang Theory, etc.

Music: Bach, Enya, Secret Garden, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, The Killers, Adele, Moonbeam, Kings of Leon, etc.

There is more, but this is long enough now. If you want to be friends, comment - or, you know, just add me. :) Thanks for le reading~

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