Riot (isitmeoryou) wrote in add_me,

Hey there. My name is Ashley, but I go by Ash or Dodge. I'm not new to LJ. I've had many journals over the years that I've left behind for one reason or another, but now I'm looking to start anew with new friends. I'm 25, living in New York with my mom and our Maltese puppy.

I mostly blog about my life and friends, and have recently started posting video blogs. I swear sometimes and talk about sex, drugs, drinking and politics. On occasion, I post icons and fan fiction. If any of that bothers you, then may I suggest passing up on friending me. I update pretty frequently, though I do have a week here or there without updates because of work.

I like Alice in Wonderland, video games, body modification, hockey (especially the Buffalo Sabres), Once Upon A Time, The Walking Dead, Adventure Time, motorcycles, punk rock and everything Disney.

I really dislike waking up early, spoof comedy movies, Easter, red meat, cold weather, cheap beer, racism, Tea Party politics, ignorance and the Twilight series.

If I sound like your kind of person, head here and leave me a comment. :D


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