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My name is Babar and I am a 24 year old lady. I used to have a LJ back when I was a teen and I updated it all the time. I loved it and it loved me. But then I got a job and went out into the world and I sort of lost the time to update. But I missed having a journal and I liked the idea of going back to those halcyon days. I wanted to rant and rave to people I didn't have to see in real life, so I started up babar_babar and here we are. 

I haven't got any LJ friends and to be honest, as crazy as this sounds, I have sort of liked it that way. No need to worry about what I say I suppose. But it's gotten pretty boring and I'd be lying if I said I didn't like attention being paid to me so here I am. Looking for friends.

Some basic facts.

-I like the usual stuff. Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Mad Men and RuPauls Drag Race are my absolute favourites. 
-My updates tend to be about generally mediocre happenings in my day to day life. 
-I don't write fanfic or make fan art because I have no talent, time or patience.
-I'm a feminist and proud of it so don't add me if you like to post hilarious jokes about rape or you talk a lot about Chris Brown or Twilight. Sorry, not my thing. 
-I study Arts/Theatre and I have a boyfriend. LOVE HIM. He's pretty great and he cooks dinner most nights and usually makes the bed for me. Living the life.
-I am a CumberBitch and proud. He's way hotter than you think and TALENTED. 
-I love food. LOVE IT. Love love love love love it. It's so good. Pizza? Holy moly. Send it my way. Chocolate? I'm already eating it.
-Ryan Gosling. YES YES YES
- Dogs>Cats
- Sirius/Remus 
-I often restructure and rewrite sentences if there is a word in the original sentence I don't know how to spell.
What else? I don't know. Check out my LJ and profile or ask me stuff. Ask me anything. I won't promise I'll answer it but I can try.


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