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Hello New Friend !

Hy, this would be the 3rd time posting on add_me,
ok bevore i'm starting, (the 3rd time :D ), engish is Not my 1st Language, so theire l'll be very often and a lot
misspelling and i'll brake some grammatical rules... [ you see ]

my name is Nihal, I'm 22 years old and from Germany... my parent are from Turkey.. so maybee sometimes I'll write about them...maybee.
Right now its very silent at my LJ-Page... I have some one-off's.

Then the part i'm talking about myself,
i'm an Occupatinal Therapist and working in a hospital, theire will be some posts about my Patient's and how they made my day.. [my day full off work... (?)]

The last couple of month's (or i can call it a half year) i get an depression... for the people who know me, hard to belive..
But True-Story... I'll definitly write about that...

My Likes / and Dislikes:

Start with the Like's:

Live without music is possible but pointless...! Thats what i'm thinking...
I Love Music, Band's, like Linkin Park, Sunrise Avenue, Coldplay, Justin Timberlake, Frank Sinatra... and i do realy like Asian-Bands from Korea and Japan.
Oh and i get realy into classic Musik i like Bach and Yo Yo Ma, i Love his songs...

I realy like to eat..Döner and Börek my Mum mum make amazing stuff.

And Books:
I realy have a lot, some i bought but did'nt read... -.-'
Harry Potter, Tributes Of Panem, Angels and Damons,...and a lot more.
and i have a weakness for Mangas and Animes..since i grown up with them.

Moovies/ Sitcoms:
Everythink with Johnny Depp... <3
I idolize Meryl Streep. Love her.
And Penelope Cruz...
Sandra Bullock, since she's a half german... XD and a amazing actress.

- The Lord of the Rings,
- Sophis Choise,
- Kramer vs. Kramer
- Harry Potter,
- The Blind Side,
- Sleepy Hollow,
- Armagedon

> How I met your mother,
> Scrubs,
> New Girl,
> Merlin,
> Supernatural, Dean...<3


Intolerrant People,
hmm, Lies...

Don't be shy, just add me...
I'm realy looking forward to meet you new friend.


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