James (sourdick) wrote in add_me,

MODERATOR POST: Some rule reminders


Hello friends in add_me. It’s James, you adorable-community-maintainer.

I’ve gotten a few messages this week from users who have noticed some trends and I’d like to make sure we’re all on the same page about while we participate on Livejournal's largest English language Friend community.

Please make every effort to actually introduce yourself. If your post is less than three sentences, just a picture of yourself, or a link to your off-site blog, there’s an excellent chance I’m going to remove it. That isn’t to say your post has to be a thousand word essay either. Just tell us a bit about yourself. Your likes, your dislikes, a funny quirk about yourself, your favourite song, or artist, something you look forward to, or something you hate. From my experience with this community, people who make a little effort to share a bit about themselves receive far more replies and new Livejournal friends than the shorter ones.

As always, please be safe on the Internet, and do not share personal information with strangers.

You are welcome to engage posters in some conversation, but please keep it polite. I don’t want to see any kind of name-calling or Livejournal drama in this community. If you have a serious issue with another person in the community, by all means, contact me or the lovely inoneword, while I may not post a lot, I am on LiveJournal 2-3 times a day, so if you send me a message, I should answer it reasonably quickly.

For a list of all the community rules, please see the Add Me Community Profile.

Any questions, put them in the comments and I'll answer them as best as possible.

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