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Name is Megan. Internet peoples of the world, it appears that my end-of-school-homework-rampage-hiatus has welcomed me back with a relatively empty friendslist, activity-wise. Therefore I immediately propose a massive recruitment for suitable internet peoples that I may stalk the blogs of who will stalk me back in earnest! And then I will welcome all who accept with open arms and teach my children to sing songs of their noble deeds...
When I have children.
Which assumedly will be no-not-close-never time soon.

As one could probably garner from my userinfo, I am an awesome person. Also capable of great modesty. With many amazing interests that I certainly did not scribble down in a few short minutes, in awkward "intro-whatthehell-do I writeish" fashion. Yet, I will recount some of the major ones here (take notes!)
I hate math. Throwing that out there. Namely calculus, the bane of the existence of kittens, puppies, and all things cute and fluffy. I heard that Calculus is also involved in a particularly harrowing whaling scandal.
Reading is one of my main passions. Something about immeasurable lines of letters make reality just seem so blah.
Oh, I am also of the nineteen-year-old persuasion, one who currently lives in the life of college. The stereotypical boring kind... which isn't so boring when you stop watching the idiot-box.
In a few weeks I will be ruled by the fast food industry, that is, the ugly summer job. I heard that Summer Job assists Calculus in arranging dogfights.
Me like-eh to draw the pictures.

Well soldiers, your mission should you choose to accept it would be to add this insanely sexy modest bitch and comment so that I may have a giddy excitement dance safely behind this computer screen.
Megan out!

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