kurikuribebi (kurikuribebi) wrote in add_me,

Hellooooo Friend! Part Deux

Hey guys, 
I'm Zia. 

I posted about two months ago, looking for friends.My original post is here:


Feel free to check it out, or take a look at my blog, since it's 100% public. 

This time around, I'm looking for--of course-- people who have things in common with me, but I'm especially looking for people who are fairly active both online and offline. I've recently taken an interest in outdoor sports and am interested in reading more about people's experiences!  I'm also looking for people who listen to a wide variety of music! I've been feeling a bit bored with what I listen to these days and am having a bit of difficulty finding new things that blow my mind. 
If you are someone who travels extensively and writes often about your adventures, I'm interested in you as well! 

Looking forward to getting to know you =) 


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