Jamie Gomez (sweetdolly18) wrote in add_me,
Jamie Gomez

Hi all. The name's Jamie. My friend's list is looking kind of sad and small. I need some new interesting friends. I'm a mother of two. Sometimes I wonder why did I have kids? This motherhood stuff is really hard to get a hang of. I usually rant about them. Been married for 5 years. I'm not sure why my husband hasn't left me.

Enough of that. I deal with depression, ocd, anxiety disorder, and Cluster B Borderline personality disorder. Oh and I'm an alcoholic. I'm a mess. Well I was told that by my Doctor. I've been sucidial, a cutter, & a overdoser. So yes I'm getting help for all that drama.

I'm into naughty school girls, spanking and being spanked.

What to know more about me? Let's be friends.

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