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Hi all, my name is Ashley and I am a 25 year living in Oklahoma with my 5 year old daughter Hannah and my boyfriend Nate and in September a baby boy!
I am new to livejournal and looking to find friends. I am happy to get to know anyone, as alike or a different from myself as can be! I do not judge a person by their background, race, religion ot ect....being different only makes us human! :) I can promise that I will comment on your post as I find other peoples thoughts and lives very important. I will be writing a lot about daily life, my insecrities/depression, and hope to post poetry on here later!
Movies- Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Sleepless in Seattle, but most of all sci-fi/fantasy type stuff.
Music- Rock...pop...well about every genre really!
Singing-shower singer above all else..I dont care if I sound like a poor animal dying, I love to sing!
Family-Well for the most part!
Nature-Love fishing, camping and taking a stroll in the woods.
Animals- We have a bunny, four dogs, a cat, a turtle, a lizard, and now a guinea pig.
Tae Kwon Do- I am a green belt, have a long ways to go!
Also, like food, the color green, airplanes, anything geeky,poetry, and well that list could go on forever.

Hotogs- ewwwwww, dont know why but I can NOT eat them.
Deep water- I have an awful fear of water, and summer is approaching at that.
Summer- Yes, my fear of water and least favorite season go hand in hand.
My weight- Right now I am happy as I am preganate, but have always dealt with weight issues.
Lies- The world would be a better place without lies, and no one would get hurt.

Well thats about all I can think of right now. Add me if you would like and see if we have anymore in common!


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