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vampirekitten27 in add_me

Hi! Cell phone post....screwed up tried fixing it..said screw it, I can actually type well haha

Hey everyone! I'm Samantha, I have the pretty basic I had an LJ back when I was 16 making so about GASP 8 years ago haha So I started again this February :)
Things about me:
-I'm 24 is November 27th, I'm a pretty typical Sag :)
-I've gone by Mrs for the past (almost 3 years June 27th <3)
-My husbands name is Jason, we are pretty much a basic married couple, happily married, most of the time lol, we are geeks, and he's my dark haired, blue eyed, drummer I met at WalMart
-We have a 2 year old Daughter, born 3 days after Christmas she's a daddies girl hardcore and she has my fiery attitude
-Jason works at AFC Cable, and I work for his cousin at her restaurant
-I still don't know what I want to do with my life career wise, somedays I'm fine with that somedays I'm not
-I go through stages of updating quite regularly, maybe even twice a day to skipping a week or so


Okay let me try to add a little more, I have a sarcastic sense of humor, I'm also super empathetic. And can be quite sensitve at times. I'm impatient and my anxiety gets the best of me. My grandparents raised me most of my life, and when my mom and I were working on our relationship and getting close after I found out 8I was pregnant, a year later she was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer, it got better but recently has gone to a 3C which is really bad...so it's hard to cope with. I dont like most of my inlaws aside from Jasons sister Jessica.

I have 7 younger siblings and my oldest little sister who will be 20hard just found ut shes prego and due the day after my daughters bday.

Other things, back in the day I was emo or whatever then a mix between that and a hippie, I always thought I'd grow up and look like a suicide girl hahaha I guess I changed even though I still love that look. I'm a beauty school drop out because I realized I hate ttouching other people hahah

Okay Ive rambled enough Add me if you wan to deal witht the craziness. :P
Yay to sarcasm, empathy and craziness!
Adding you! :)
Adding you!
We have similar friends, and you sound cool. Adding ya. :)
Woot! Added back :)
I'm a leo. I like fellow fire signs.
haha, maybe it's just me, but I see you around on a few journals and you seem pretty cool! :)
Fancy being friends?
Is that for me or the vampirekitten27?

For you! :) Vampirekitten and I are already friends :) x
Oh, ok!
Sure. :)

I'm Forrest.
Sweet! :) I'm Lou! Hello :D
HI. I added you! :)

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