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I'm miss autonomy. Miss nowhere. I'm at the bottom of me.

Hello thurr. I'm Kenzie. I'm not new to LJ, but I haven't been on for months and months, so all of my "friends" on here poofed. 

I'm 17, an almost senior in high school, and currently residing in the bland and blase hellhole that is the southeastern United States. I consider myself a very open-minded person considering where I'm from, where all the minds are sealed air-tight. I'm very honest and real with the people around me. I don't believe in bullshitting or being particularly friendly to people I don't like. (But there really aren't a lot of people that I simply just do not like) I'm very hardheaded and strong willed, and I have a hard time admitting I'm wrong. (Even though I eventually do. It just takes a really long time) I suffer from extreme wonderlust. I bounce back and forth from being a realist to an idealist, depending on my mood. I'm a loner, yet I can be very extroverted. I can be very dry and sarcastic, but I can also be very upbeat and bubbly. I'm rarely not witty. Basically, I'm a walking contradiction

In my journal I talk about day-to-day life, which includes my friends and our uninteresting adventures, my boyfriend, who is moving across the globe in five days (Damn US military), my school and how much of an absolute joke it is, show choir, which takes up 95% of my life, especially in the winter months, and God knows what else. In my journal, I write for myself. I don't always explain situations, background stories, or my knowledge of other people's personalities and tendencies. That said, I still hope you find it somewhat interesting and comment occasionally, but don't bitch about anything I write or how I write it. It's MINE. I read my friends' entries and comment occasionally, and I expect the same in return.

 My interests/likes or whatever include singing, dancing, writing, and drawing, although I do none of those things particularly well. I'm not awful by any means, but there isn't one particular thing that I excel at. I love music and anything that has to do with music. I'll listen to absolutely anything besides dubstep (ick), but you will find predominantly alternative rock on my ipod. I don't watch a lot of TV, but my absolute favorite show is the Vampire Diaries. I enjoy reading a lot of books, and I'm currently reading Crank by Ellen Hopkins. I'm also really big on Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. Oh, and my favorite color is red

My dislikes include math, fake personalities, routine, wars, small minds, excessive negativity, and attention seekers.

I like diversity on my friend list, although common interests and like-minds are always nice. :)

So comment on either this post, or the friends only post on your journal with a fact or two about yourself, and I'll most likely add you. Oh, and guess my zodiac sign in your comment. Just because it's fun. 

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