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I have been thinking about this for a while now. Two minutes to be exact. Uhm, I mean, hello :)!

Hey there, dear related hearts behind/infront of the screen! ^^

I came to this place to ask for some new people to read entries from, to relate to, to call my friends (I am not a friends collector, though! But I am always happy to meet new people!). I have got to say I did do friendscuts at some point of my life, but not as obsessively as some people out there, and only when I felt like I couldn*t be myself anymore in my entries around those people. This didn*t happen often, but it is maybe to warn you? (Ah, good start I chose here ;^^;!)

However, before you add me you may want to know more about me, don*t you :)? Okay, here we go : Please call me Rina, please take into consideration that I am from 28 years old, yet not always acting like this, and, to be honest, I couldn*t care less ^^. Also I am from Germany, meaning my English is not always at its best, yet I have been learning English ever since I was 10, at least officially. I live in a fairly big town here in Germany, which is divided by a wide river, and I live here (not in the river ;P) with my sister* and my cat (his name is Lumi*).

My entries often circle around music or results from creative work in general (partly my own, but also that of others, in appreciation ^^), my “daily life”, and I sometimes get carried away when writing about my thoughts and feelings concerning the word outside, but even more in relation to my own philosophical views. It can also happen that I post surveys, memes, or videos, even though it doesn*t happen as often as it sounds now :P. I post pictures when I feel like it, too.

For those who wish to label me, here are some results from tests, or my own research : INFP (MBTI), 4 (most likely 4w3; Enneagram), Rat/Monkey (Chinese astrology), A (+; Bloodtype), Taurus/Virgo (Astrology (I won*t call it “western astrology”, though)), Poplar tree (Celtic astrology), lifepath 11 (Numerology), destiny number 3 (Numerology). This sounds like I hate these labels now, but I adore the results I had so far, really. I like esoteric a lot (besides astrology, numerology, and so on, I am also into tarot/cartomancy and palmistry), for example, and I think the MBTI and Enneagram results reflect me really well.

I am a lot into music (also writing my own), drawing (mainly portraits, and rather surrealism-inspired pictures), writing (mainly poetry, but I also like taking part in personal challenges like writing stories with friends or setting up a list of words-to-be-used and then write stories containing those words), and I love web and fashion design. Ah yes, reading rocks, too, and so do languages (My mother tongue is German of course, and I can speak English, French, and some Japanese. I also learned Spanish, Finnish and Turkish at some points of my life, and I wish to get better at them as well. And there are way too many languages missing that I still want to learn :D!) and traveling!

I don*t expect anybody to put on a mask for me; I want to get to know the person behind. Be yourself, make up your own mind, don*t follow others blindly. Be respectful of everybody around you, don*t radiate hatred against those who are not like you, and I think we will get along really well :). (Also, if we share some interests, that is definitely making things easier, as we have something to talk about ^^!)

Please leave a comment and introduce yourself if you wish to add me ^^.

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