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Hola, my name is Crisanto, friends call me Cris. I'm 27 and living in Mexico at the moment, but traveling all around the world for work. I'm employed at a global company so seeing the world is fortunately part of that. "Be the change you want to see in the world" by Mahatma Gandhi is a quote I try to live by. I believe that just one person can make a difference in life and that's how change starts.

I'm the kind of guy that is often easily amused. I believe laughing is the best remedy for everything. I consider myself simple, but I could be lying, maybe. I like life to be drama free, but somehow it still follows me.

I'm very social and I like being around good company, interesting people I can learn from. Concerts, parties, and sports are things I look forward to.

Music is a big deal for me (like it is for most people). I pretty much like about every genre.

Even though Spanish is my first language, my journal is in English. My updates are usually about my day at work, my girlfriend and other important stuff. I use my journal as an escape from reality. I used to be over weight and I finally found my happy place, so I talk a lot about that too.


Music I like:
John Mayer, Chris Brown, The Fray, The Script, A Rocket To The Moon, AC DC, , Adele, Jason Mraz, AJ Rafael, , B.O.B, Bared Naked Ladies, Breathe Carolina, Breathe Electric, Bright Futures, Bruno Mars, Tori Kelly, Incubus, Cobra Starship, Maroon 5, Cold Play, Dave Mathews Band, David Guetta, Foo Fighters, LMFAO, Phoenix, Snow Patrol, Train, He is We, Kings Of Leon

Movies I Like:
Iron Man, Superman, MIB, Pirates of The Caribbean, Toy Story, Aladdin, Scarface, Borat, 500 days of summer, Scott Pilgrim, The Hangover , Due Date, Tron

Shows I Like:
Dr House, Glee, Veronic Mars, New Girl, 2 Broke Girls, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, My Name is Earl, Gossip Girl, Spartacus, Family Guy, Smallville, Men at Work

Favorite food:
Sushi, wings, lasagna, shrimps, tuna, rice, tacos
-Interesting Facts about me:
I love superman.
I'm allergic to chocolate.
I can't sleep without socks.
The word sure drives me crazy.
Long lines drive me crazy.
I cannot stand traffic.
I sneeze every time someone touches my ear.
I wonder about the most random things in the most random moments.
I am a momma's boy.
I'm scared of birds.
I love techno music.



If you feel we have something in common or whatever.. feel free to add me.
i'm easy. :P

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