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so i kind of abandoned my lj for about a year, but now that summer's here and i usually have no life during these three glorious months, i'm back and i'll be updating a bit more. though i adore all of my current friends, they followed suit and haven't been active much either. sosososo, add me, i'll adore you too?

but first... i'm mai, an eighteen year old fresh out of high school with awkward humor and generally disagreeable jokes. this upcoming fall, i'll be majoring in film and minoring in bio at a university in texas. my goals are few and the same can be said about my morals, for all i wish to achieve out of this college experience is to produce a more accurate "human centipede." just kidding. um. you'll either find me somewhat amusing or extremely obnoxious, which i'll grant considering i'll be a film major.

[i present to you: my interests and my face.]
aside from that, i like typical boring shit such as traveling, kayaking, running, books, movies, music, food, all of which i will be indulging myself in this summer. if it matters for whatever reason, some of what i enjoy are: le writing styles of edith wharton, kurt vonnegut, carl sagan, poe, franz kafka, truman capote/ luis bunuel, darren aronofsky, gene kelly, and yes, john hughes movies/ metalocalypse, daria, pepper ann/ andy williams, perry como, the doors, modest mouse, elliott smith, three dog night, beck, pantyraid, frank sinatra, pinback/ and as for food, i'll try pretty much anything and more than likely find something that i like about it. that being said, i'm a pretty open minded person, i don't care for much and a large fraction of my life has been spent, as the fresh prince said, "chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool." (whatever, i like to think that we've all quoted the fresh prince of bel-air song at least once in our lives.)
and despite what it may seem, i'm unfortunately not perpetually comfortably seated in my legless computer chair, enjoying all of those things at all hours of the day - i'm also sometimes comfortably seated outside of the confines of my room. 
in addition to all that jazz, i'm also just interested in a lot of other things, such as astronomy, human anatomy, behavior, and thought processes, marine biology, prehistoric life, generally things that, though profusely studied and observed throughout the years, still remain a mystery. anyway, let's veer off of this because i sound like a magic school bus character. but hey, if you happen to like those things as well, you might like me too, and if you don't, you still might because i'm not going to post observations of how people act on subways or some shit like that. i write about things i do, things i like, things i don't, and things that fascinate me. sometimes it's personal and sometimes it isn't. just as i am in person, however, i do lack a filter. i'm awfully blunt, but not crude. and for the most part, i'll write at night like i always have before and as i am now, when i'm sleep-deprived or drunk.
and here's what i look like, which i think is completely irrelevant but apparently helps in such a post:
i don't know how to resize a picture without fucking it up so, apologies, i have infiltrated your screen momentarily.

anyhow, if you'd like to add me, tell me a bit about yourself in all of that awkward introductory business on my journal or in the comments! yes? yes.


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