BFBDMusic (bfbdmusic) wrote in add_me,

Hello LJ Community --

New to LiveJournal

Looking to add/find friends with similar interests. 

I would've posted something sooner, but I:
  • was too busy editing my actual journal layout - yes it took awhile...but I suppose having your eyes glued to the monitor for 2 hours is part of the charm...
  • was watching "World's Wildest Police Chases" on YouTube...
  • was playing COD on PS3 - What can I say...I'm honest.
Anyways, on to the introduction:

Likes: BFBD (my band), Music, Films, Movies, Photography, Drawing, Anime & Manga, Science, Concerts, Punk, Electronic, Psychobilly, Toronto, Japan, Writing & Recording Music, Jam Sessions, Pubs & Bars.

Want to know more? Check out the LJ :)

(As mentioned, I'm new so it's a work in progress)


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