Paola (tsukisagi) wrote in add_me,

¡Hola a todos!

Hi everyone! This is my second time posting here. My name is Paola and I'm an almost 18 years old girl from Mexico. I just finished high school and I'm looking forward to my graduation and my Mechatronics Technician degree. I took an entrance examination in the public university of my town, I want to study Psychology as my bachelor degree there, and I will be sure if I'll be able to do so until June 17.

I mostly write about my personal life; though my first language is Spanish, I write in English to practice and to communicate with more people. I post pictures, anecdotes, random stuff, and about the things I love, such as video games, music, books, etc. I try to be positive and to share good things to my friends, but I also get angry and rant about the negative things that happen.

I'm an intermediate level pianist with 7 years of experience. Because of school and stuff going on in my life, I have been neglecting my practices, but I'm planning to come back to full playing during this summer. I'm also learning Japanese by myself, and I love everything about Japanese culture, including anime, doramas and J-rock. I love cute and girly stuff and to decorate my entries with pixels, and I make graphics which I ocasionally post in my journal as well. I also love to read, to write and to translate.

I'm looking for friends I can relate to, I don't precisely need you to have many things in common with me, but I'd like to have more friends with who I can share my life and I can get to really know them. I don't comment in every entry of my f-list, and I don't expect my friends to do so with mine, but I do like to give advices and to make comments when I have something to say, and also to recieve them from time to time. I don't like friends cut, so if I add you it's not like I'll delete you just because.

If you're interested in being my friend, please leave a comment with something about yourself :) Feel free to visit my journal and my profile to know more about me.

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