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Hi! C: *waves*

Huda, 15, high school, psychologist wanna be (or at least I thought so, now going for animation), Muslim but I hope that doesn't get between us, people's beliefs have never really bothered me.
My journal might be depressing for some people, I'm truly sorry for that. It's because I resort to writing to get the endless thoughts somewhere out of my head. Sometimes it might make sense and sometimes not; I'm just not so capable of opening up, even in my journal. (But if something doesn't make sense and you ask I'd answer with the whole story, most of the time)
I love music a lot and I use it to get what I'm feeling through because sometimes it's just easier. So I put a lot of music quotes and lately even my own lyrics thoughts, I think they suck, but still right?
Anyway, I'm insecure bout lots of things and so that comes up a lot ,so if you don't tolerate that sorta thing then maybe we won't get along much, sorry. 
I love learning bout your life but I forget easily (Not because I think it's unimportant or anything but just because I really have a bad memory -which's also the reason I sometimes write with too much detail so I won't forget) so I hope it won't be a problem if I ask the same questions again sometimes.
Finally, I love hanging out and making some friends, like, not just commenters and stuff, so tell me a bit bout yourself and I hope we get along! :)

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