The Transcredible Exploits of Kate McGoggins (mcgoggins) wrote in add_me,
The Transcredible Exploits of Kate McGoggins

I had some profound bullshit entry to post and decided near the very end that I sounded like a pretentious douchewaffle trying a little too hard. That's not me. Not in the least.

Who is me? Or rather, who am I?

I'm nearly 28 years old. I swear I've been around the sun far more times than that, though. I toil at a standard 9-5 job so I can afford luxuries like a new car with good gas mileage, doggy day care for my neurotic pup who is the closest thing I will ever have to a child (not that I want children), and being able to dine out at the local whole foods market for lunch every other day. When I'm not at work, I'm a homebody. I like video games, baking/cooking, photography, reading, listening to music really loud, knitting, cleaning (yes, I actually like this), watching the same movies 1,000 times over, writing, and I'm sure there's more in that assortment of hobbies that I'm forgetting.

I'm super easy going. Little pisses me off, however, I piss a lot of people off myself. I use non-PC terms, I think pearl clutchers need to get a new hobby (they can have one of mine ^^ there), I bring shame to my mother with my vulgar language, I think dead baby and fart jokes are hi-larious. I'm rough around the edges for someone who is supposed to be a lady. ;) In short, I think I'm pretty fantastic.

In my journal, I post a mish-mash of things. Most recently, it's been a photograph of some sort a day with either an anecdote, a re-cap, or some random flail-fest about something or other. This journal is a bit of a new start for me. I took the high road in life and wanted to turn over a new leaf and be less dramatic and negative. So far, it's been working out okay!

I'm open minded about who I add. I prefer people with similar interests just because it's so much easier to click with others, but that doesn't mean if we don't have a single thing in common, I won't add you. I get along with most anyone. I adore the people I've found through this community and am looking to share some more adoration with the lot of you :3

If there was any more of a close up of me here, my fat head would obscure the fantabulous view!


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