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Came back after almost a decade of being away

Therefore I had no clue what my username/password/email was at that time to reopen my account...
I'm 23, asian mother (duh), with a caucasian fiance. I have a 1.5 year old biological son and a 6 year old stepson.
So far i only have like 2 entries but things have happened recently and I needed a way to vent and communicate with others.
I like journals better. I recently deleted my facebook because people keep posting dumb stuff on it, plus i'm not a fan of the character limits. I do have twitter tho, i like reading my celeb gossip. But I also play a lot of video games...a lot of split screen coop.
I also go to school, I have one more year until i graduate as an Medical Administrative Assistant and a Medical Billing Specialist (i took a double major).
Hopefully some of you find this interesting enough to add me. There's only so much you can explain about yourself without reading entries, or actually knowing people face to face.

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