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I never know what to put in these things. I never feel like writing about myself ever represents the exciting and energetic personality I really have LOL.

Lets get into introductions , My name is Alicia I am 28 years old and Married to Trevor. He is 40 and a tattoo artist. We each have a child He has a son named Gabe and I have a son named Jake. We also have a pooch named Molly. I am a supervisor at a Bank by day and pretty much super mom at night and also attend college.

I feel like as of lately that I don't have a lot of people in my life to really connect with. Being a supervisor at work I tend to not mix work and personal. My friends that I had 5years BC ( before child) are either 500 miles away or still living that exciting bar life that I once did. I am looking for people to kinda try to connect with. I am a very blunt person and very open to others ideas and feelings. I often am told that I have a huge heart. I am a great therapist without the PHD behind her name and I LOVE baking cupcakes!

I really do not know what to tell everyone about myself. I honestly have just been feeling a bit lonely and am reaching out for communication with the world that doesnt inclue Spiderman, Batman, or Dr. Suess. I feel as if I have been so engulfed in my daily activities for the past 4 years that I have lost myself along the way. So, here I am looking tfor her.

Well here goes nothing, I am going to post this and then get back to my mound of laundry.

Hope everyone has a great day! :)

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