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Crossposted different places.

This will probably be short, because I don't really feel like listing all the movies and bands I'm into and that sort of thing.

I'm in my early thirties. I had an LJ account for quite a while in undergrad, and stopped posting to it when several major things changed in my life and I started using Facebook more. I'm very disillusioned with that site now, but I didn't want to reopen my old journal, so I made a new one.

I was once a very religious, conservative, fundamentalist person. After some harsh life experiences, I'm no longer religious, though I'm very spiritual, and help to lead an interfaith discussion group weekly. I tend to avoid politics when I can, because they seem more like a sport than anything, but when it comes down to it I'm probably a left-leaning moderate. I have a very "geeky" job, but I'm not very interested in friending a bunch of twenty-somethings who bought an Atari at a garage sale when they were little and didn't realize when "nerd culture" became "pop culture".

My major hobby is probably photography, model/portrait/cosplay photography in particular. Always looking for opportunities to do that.

Most of my entries will be actual journaling - writing about real-life issues that are on my mind, or things buzzing in the back of my head. Venting. I'm specifically looking for people who will comment on my entries and get some dialogue going. I will comment on your entries when something comes to mind about them as well.

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