Turbulent vortex (corvus_corax) wrote in add_me,
Turbulent vortex

Hi everyone!

I decided to get back on LJ and try this again, looking for new and interesting people who love to chat or just share little things in life! I have a TON of hobbies, way too numerous to list, as I'm willing to try new things out all the time. Highly energetic, perhaps way too manic and emotionally charged for some of you, but I'm mainly insanely happy 99.9 percent of the time! Love to take pictures, and wasting time annoying fictional characters from various animes on Facebook (doesn't everybody?) as well as cooking strange experiments in my kitchen (mwahahaha!) and reading an obscene amount of books. I also tend to have a dark creative side. That comes out to play when I'm bored but during the week I'm forced to have a bed time...so I can only stay up so late anymore. 

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