Fire Muse (my_path) wrote in add_me,
Fire Muse

I've been on lj since 2004...I love it.

Have a problem with drinking, really trying to be sober, so if there are any active sober people in the add me communities, I would love to be friends, I need to see that lifestyle. My parents are alcoholics and from 22-28 I was involved in bar/drug scene....I have been drug-free since 2010 and still trying to get a handle on alcohol sobriety.

I love to write.. have about 500 poems and 10+ story ideas I work on here and there..nothing completed yet.

I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, but I always post when positive things happen too.

I love rock and pop music, and know a bit about rap, r/b, and mostly 90s country. Love classic rock.

I love comedy tv shows...and some drama tv shows. Reality tv. Just got NETFLIX!! :D

I love horror, thriller, drama, and comedy movies. Comedy tv comes first, but thriller movies comes second.

My favorite authors are Anne Rice and Stephen King. I tend to re-read books a lot, but I am trying to read more classics.

The two places in the world I most want to travel to are Ireland and New Orleans. I currently live in Michigan...and I hate it.

I work as a care aide. I used to think I wanted to be in the medical field, but not anymore, unless it is from a pharmaceutical or psychologist stand point. Not from a nurse, or a cna, or a care aide. But it pays my basic bills and I'm scared to move on since I have been doing this four years. I really like learning about medicine, but I am bad in math, so I don't know if I could handle the classes to get into the pharmacy field.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please add me, but not just for numbers, I really like to get to know my friends list. And if you don't comment/message before adding me, I won't add back. And only English journals please, thank you :)

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