Emily <3 (__cottoncandy__) wrote in add_me,
Emily <3

Hi! I have been on LJ for a long time and love it! My friends list has gotten quiet so I'd like to make a few more friends.

My name is Emily. I am a 22 year old college student majoring in management from Wisconsin. In my journal I talk about a little bit of everything such as TV, music, shopping, politics, etc but mostly I focus on my everyday life, personal life, school, and I ask for relationship advice. I enjoy being with friends, going to coffee shops, painting my nails, and going to rock concerts. I am slightly overweight and have just started a weight loss adventure. I rarely drink & I don't smoke/do drugs.

I am very friendly and accept a lot of people. However, don't add me if: You party all the time, do drugs, post about fanfiction all the time, and keep things as anon as possible (use a fake name, avoid talking about personal details, don't post pictures, etc.)

I do not censor myself in my journal so if you take offense easily I would suggest you don't add me. I enjoy reading my friend's list and do so multiple times a day. I also comment a lot. However, I will be starting my senior year of college so my posting will decrease but I will try to comment as much as I can. A few of my LJ friends have become some of my best friends, so I am looking for people who want to actually become friends. So, please have an active journal and don't add me if you plan to never comment. I only have a couple simple rules for my journal: Do not share with others the content of my journal unless you ask me first and please be respectful.

If you want to add me, leave a comment and please leave some info about yourself.

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