phoenixrisen21 (phoenixrisen21) wrote in add_me,

Hey there!

It's been awhile since I've done this and a lot has changed since then so here goes!

I am a self confessed book addict who should probably be in rehab if there were such a thing as book addiction rehab. Seriously. It's a rare thing for me to walk into a bookstore without buying a book. And if there's a bookstore in sight, it's rare for me not to walk into it.

I'm also a crazy cat lady. Everybody says so. Or maybe I'm just a crazy animal person. I am the proud mommy of Romeo (4), Gremlin (3), and the as yet unnamed 6 week old kitten I brought home five hours ago. I'm leaning towards Imriel. Or Hodgins. I don't know yet. Lol. I'm also the proud the mommy of a 6 month old Australian Shepherd/ Mcnab cross named Cailee. Oh yeah! And the fish! Can't forget them. Two bettas, three goldfish, an algae eater, and a couple snails complete my menagerie.

On that note, I live alone! Well, peoplewise. I used to have a roommate until I found this little janky house for really cheap that allowed cats and dogs back in April and I kissed the roommate life good bye! So at least you don't have to listen to me gripe and complain about that right? Or read as it were.

Back to books! I LOVE books! I'll read nearly anything. My massive shelf caving under the weight of hundreds of trashy bodice ripping historical romances can attest to that. It's my guilty pleasure. My supervisor tells me I'm rotting my brain whenever he catches me reading them at work. However, my all time absolute favorite must reads would definitely have to include the Kushiel's Legacy books by Jacqueline Carey. As well as The Song of the Lioness quartet by Tamora Pierce.

Ummm...what else is there? I hate trying to write these things. Lol. Just add me! You know you wanna!

Oh yeah...I'm a Bones junkie too. I watched the season finale of season 6 with my friend. Then I went home and spent the next few months watching all 6 seasons beginning to end. Thanks to the glory of Hulu I didn't miss a single episode of season 7. Now can it hurry up and be a week after airdate so I can watch the season premier? PLEASE! :P

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