makingislands (makingislands) wrote in add_me,

Name: Megan
Age: 19
Occupation: Hourly wage slave, college student

I've been on LJ under many different forms and usernames for about six or seven years now. I always seem to stop keeping up with it after a few months, but that's okay. Maybe this time will be different.

I have a Tumblr, and I use it to mainly keep up with the social justice and intersectional feminism communities, so I'll probably post about racism, sexism, politics, news, etc etc etc. I will also post about things I don't feel comfortable posting about on Tumblr, because the friends only thing isn't an option on Tumblr. For example, my first post, just a few minutes ago, was a slightly NSFW word vomit about a lunch date I had on Tuesday with a guy I met online and will probably be doing very NSFW things with in the near future.

I will also post rants about school and how unorganized I am, how much I hate my job, and hopefully about how much I love all my new LJ friends~ I also have an impressive reaction GIF folder, so you can expect me to make use of that.

Also, books, a couple different fandoms, music, and whatever other tidbits come up in my life.

If any of this interests you, feel free to add me, and I'll probably add back if I feel like we have something in common. I'm not doing a huge dog and pony show to try and get people interested in me - if you are, you are. If you're not, you're not. And both are fine.



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