♫ sarah (magickismight) wrote in add_me,
♫ sarah

Hello :))

I've been using livejournal since 2009 and I've made a lot of friends through here but pretty much everybody has stopped posting. I'd like to make some new friends and have some more journals to read!

Facts about me and what I update about:
- I'm 18
- I live in Canada
- I just started university so I write a lot about stuff I do in university
- I've got some anxiety issues so I write a lot about that and sometimes my entries can be pretty depressing but usually they're okay :)
- I do general complaining about stuff
- Sometimes I write fanfiction but I write that on a separate journal and will sometimes link it (the same with tumblr posts about stuff that I think my lj friends would find interesting)
- Some of my favorite things: Harry Potter, kpop, Doctor Who

Thanks! Hope to make some new friends!!

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