aussie_bookworm (aussie_bookworm) wrote in add_me,

new to lj

Hiya folks,

I am new to lj and looking for some friends. I'm a 28yr old married mother of 2 and I love to chat with people who can make me smile :-)
I'm a bit boring really. I love reading and writing and you can expect my posts to contain stuff about books as well as the usual crap.
I read some mm too so please no bigots.

I am christian (gasp!) But have no intention of chasing anyone down the street thumping them over the head with a bible, if you have questions ask, otherwise apart from the occasional mention of prayer it's about all you will hear from me on the subject.

I'm really hard to offend but I do have strong opinions on some subjects.

So.....this post is kinda void of any personality, but check me out and add me....or don't

Looking forward to hearing from you :-) * thumping head on desk and muttering to self *

Best. I can do with world war 3 errupting around me, am off to wrangle some children........( yes, they are my own and
Not some random ones I snatched off the streets :-)

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