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Greeting the world.

Hello there. I'm Zia! I'm originally from Puerto Rico. I've already made many friends here, but since I've gotten interested in many new things since last time, I thought I'd try again =D

I'm addicted to travelling. Up until now, I've been to various parts of the US (Alaska, Philadelphia, New York, North Dakota, Georgia, Washington..), Korea, China, France, Singapore, and Slovakia, and I live in Japan. I spent my first two years living in Yokohama before moving to Osaka. I worked at a restaurant for some time then moved to Florida for some time until I decided what I wanted to do with my life. Florida is where I'm at right now. Starting in January, I will be working in the financial office at a university in Osaka.

My first language is Spanish, but I write my entries in both English and Japanese, since those are the languages I need to practice, and I understand basic Italian and French. My journal is picture heavy. I love snapping pictures. I play the piano and am in the process of learning how to play the guitar. 

Hobbies! Tea Ceremonies, Writing, Taking pictures, Mountain Climbing, Kayaking, Camping, Drinking, Dancing, Theme parks, Running, Volleyball, Cooking, Taiko, Japanese dramas, fashion, beauty, roller blading, fitness, foreign film, Asian literature, boxing, capoeira, sewing.

Right now, I'm really in to European and Middle Eastern cultures and am hoping to backpack around Southern Europe within the next two years.

I'd love to be friends with people who have similar interests, and with people who can teach me new things! =D 

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