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Like Journaling About Fun Stuff? Me too!


I'm looking for some more LJ friends that share some of the same interests as me.  I don't journal too much about my life because I like my LJ to be the fun little place I escape off to at the end of the day, but I will post the occasional "this is what's going on with me" entry.  So, you'll mostly see me posting about my likes and interests.  I don't mind reading personal entries, and those are the kind most of my LJ friends write.  I don't comment on every entry, but I do like to comment on my friends' entries and I like receiving some feedback as well.  

Here are the things that I am interested in:

>Television - Person of Interest, Homeland, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, True Blood, and last but not least, Stargate Atlantis.   I've watched other shows, but these are the ones I keep/kept up with.  

> Movies - I like to write little movie reviews when I see one in the theater.  I'm pretty much a fan of everything but horror.  The last movie I saw in the theater was The Dark Knight Rises.

> Books - I used to read a lot, but I haven't done that much reading this year, but I suspect I'll get back into it.  I'm always looking for good recommendations, though.

> Photoshop - I try to post once a month something I learned in Photoshop because I'm kind of a beginner and I really want to understand it.  I'm also a fan of art, so anything artistic really grabs me.

> Writing - The kind of writing I've posted so far has been little bits of fan-fiction based off of television, mainly Stargate Atlantis.  I also like poetry and essays, and I'd be interested in reading those things for anyone who'd be interested in being friends.

Well, that's about it.  If any of this stuff interests you too, then please add me and post to let me know that you did and I'll add you back.  

Thanks! :)

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