Kristina (music_girl) wrote in add_me,


Name: Kristina
Nicknames: Kris, Deena. Others.
Age: 30
Location: Georgia
Religion: Pagan but I am looking for a teacher as well...

Why Yes.. I Have Issues:

Severe Anxiety
Heart Conduction

When I become angry. I can become upset and childish. I really do not like to be criticized either. I am very spoiled and I have been "taken cared of" for most of my life.I am also very childish and mentally young.


Very open-minded and people who want to take the time and get to know me and vise versa. I like to ask questions and get to know people. I love to read journals and be able to talk things out. I want to make all kinds of different friends of course but these are the "types" I usually get a long with.

-People who either work in health , or some kind of medical field . Or have had personal experience with it. If you have knowledge in the human mind . Like a therapist or something like that. Bonus. It will just make things easier in the long run.

-Goths, Pagans, Wiccans, Punks, Music People , Artist People. Really I like adults who act like big kids. People who don't take life so seriously and know how to have their own kind of fun. It doesn't have to be crazy off the wall fun but what makes them happy. Sarcasm is always a plus.

Other Notes:

I enjoy daily morning/afternoon outings with my family. I like to go to the book stores a lot, I'm a big movie , t.v watcher. I am not very physically active. Don't like sports at all. I'm a big kid and a total nerd. I like a lot of old things. My journal is mostly friends only and does have filters.


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