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a bit on me

Hello all!

I'm currently soliciting friends for my LJ! So a little about me, then?

I began this journal back around 2003. Admittedly, it's been one long therapy session, though I also post the odd short story, original poetry (I've been a performance poet since 1996) and links to my favorite music. I've covered my art, my friends, my marriage, the birth of my son, my separation, my reconstruction, and the things I look forward to like good food, chocolate, great bands, and interpersonal infatuations. Music is a pretty big deal to me and I will mention it often. I am interested in reading the top-of-the-head ramblings of others and am ready with advice if solicited. I'm a bit of a voyeur in that I want to see what's going on in your day-to-day.

I don't use much profanity in my writing but am not sensitive to reading it. I share my dreams, what I'm excited about, and affairs of the heart. Sometimes I'll even share when I'm not doing so well, but not nearly as often as I share the good times.

I post about twice a week or so, less if I have computer issues. Come through! Witness the Tales of the Reconstruction.

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