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Hey! I'm Diana, 19, from Southern CA. I'm not new to lj, but I'm new to writing in this account. I'm pretty boring tbh. I work at Disneyland as a face painter, I am a ceramics major, soon to be culinary, I drive a ridiculous amount and will probably be the cause of the planet dying. I love my dog like she's a human baby. I will probably talk about her a lot. She's all I ever talk about in real life tbh. I'm socially awkward(who isn't, you know?) and have a hilarious boyfriend. I feel like my life could be a show right now; between his family and mine and everything that happens at work and school. It's ridiculous. I'm terrible at this, abloo.

This is me.

I collect those mugs. I only have a dog and a cat one so far, but I need them alllllllll!

I also collect Pokedolls and Magmar stuff. My car is "Das Magmobile" and I'm going to paint pinstripey Magmar and flames on him. Someday.

This is my adorable baby that I love and if you don't like her, then you can get out right now cause she's amazing. Her name is Pokey(the dog) and Carlton is pretty coo as well(the rat).

And I post a lot of pictures. I'll probably be updating once or twice a week. I'm just wanting to get into ~journaling again.

Bye guuuuuuuiiiiiiiiz

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