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New Journal...New Friends?

This is a new journal and will be used for different things. So I'm looking for new friends to add here. Please add me if you are looking for friends and not just to look popular. Thanks.

About Me

Age: 30
Location: Georgia
Gender: Female

What I Like

Family/friends, animals, colors-blues, greens, and purples, collecting things, mexican food, asian food, classic movies, classic music, batman, chocolate, horror movies, gothic lolita, bohemian style, cosmetics, girly, vintage goods, fan fiction, writing.

Things About Me You Should Know

I can be very childish and I get upset and angry easily.
I have V.C.F.S/22q.
I still talk about my headspace at times but less and less.

What I Write About


I hope the topics will borden over time.

What I Dislike

Really judgmental people and those who act like they know me when they don't. Or like if they think they know the full information of a story , even though they've talked to everyone but you/me.

Loud Noises.
Being talked about behind my back.
Being accused of things I know that I don't do.

Other Things

My spelling/grammar totally sucks. If this really bothers you then please don't add me. I can't always find someone to edit my grammar and spelling, though I try.
I do have a below average I.Q but I'm not stupid either.
I really like shiny things… I'm very girly.
I'm pagan , weird, and can be very eccentric at times. - Fandom List, yes it's huge.

I am working on my lists of interests. I like so many things, that I'm not sure what exactly to put up.

I hope to meet some of you.

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