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All I See Is Add Me

~*~So I am trying to re-invoke the writing spirit. been an LJ user since  2005... thru trying times and lack of laptop I have been neglectful of my journal. After a mass migration of many of my LJ friends to Facebook in 2008, my friends page is mainly filled with Add_Me posts... some of you I have added.~*~
~*~I really want to censor some of my entries from last year... bleak and depressing... though how can I know joy without suffering? how can you know that I have found joy again if you don't see how I have suffered too?~*~
~*~I am turning 42 next month. I am currently in rehab... about to complete in two weeks... also celebrating a year of sobriety on Nov. 19th... I am an extremely high functioning autistic {Asperger's Syndrome} and I have an existential attitude problem.~*~
~*~I chant Hare Krishna and dabble in Magick and express myself fully in music, art, writing and quirkyness... I am perpetually single for many reasons... none remarkable good.  As psychic as I can be at times... I never no it until afterwards... so if you die, I'll be like... "I knew it!.... shoulda called you about that 5 bucks...."~*~
~*~I hate my body... love my mind... and am heartbroken by how stupid people are... they don't keep journals, generally... so I am not speaking of you.~*~
~*~My friendships online and in FB are more real to me than the cats and kittens in my social circles... prolly cause I refer to them as animals.~*~
~*~um... I get crushes real easy... that autism thing... so forgive me for being in love with the idea of you.~*~
~*~and I like candy.... and girls.... awaiting the invention of Gummy Chicks~*~

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