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Hello all, i used to bestarling27

I'm female, 27 years old, 28 in april. I live in the south east of the UK. Each year i change journals, because i like change. I mostly update about day to day stuff, along with a fmv or tmv or even just a bog standard music video. I mostly do this for myself to look back on and watch. But i like to think that maybe some people watch them and perhaps find new songs and bands they like. I'm also bisexual.

I live with my fiancee, we've been together for over 2 years now. We currently own a bit of a zoo in terms of pets. We own two cats, 2 chinchillas, a bearded dragon lizard, a bunch of fish, a guinea pig and a russian dwarf hamster. I have a rare body clock disorder and also high func autism which i occasionally talk about. I find the field of the paranormal really interesting and intriguing. My fiancee is a assistant manager of a hardware shop and i work part time, do various different types of jobs. Atm, i'm a xmas temp for Boots, which i'm really enjoying and am sad about leaving in january. I also make and sell jewellery - currently stock-piling for a jewellery stall at a local classic car show in cornwall. Me and my fiancee have frequent holidays down in cornwall and am aiming to live there sometime soon, when we can, as his parents live down there. It's a lovely area, but very hilly.

I will be starting this journal next month, but because it's a journal that's not new, there is plenty in there for anyone to catch up on. Next year i will mostly be talking about my attempts at learning to drive - surely plenty of laughs there. I've had a couple of lessons from friends already, one which i managed to accidentally drive into a hedge - managed to destroy the hedge, but not the car. I have mad skills YO!

I like making new friends, and getting to know each other. I'm a good commenter, and am always on livejournal multiple times a day - i hate fb, it sucks, i mostly just use it for my small local circle of friends. But i do perfer livejournal.

Type of friends i'm looking for is people who are aged 20 years and over. Doesn't labour on about their terrible mental health, it doesn't help anyone, to help change the way you think does :)
I have a eating disorder that i dislike talking about, i ask that no one with a eating disorder adds me. I'm sorry :( it's just a trigger for depression.
Also if you drink ALOT or take recreational drugs - no no thank you.

I know that sounds very picky and rude. I don't mean to be, i just find that being blunt and honest is sometimes the best way - no misunderstandings that way.

And i'm not one to cut someone off my list, without at least sending them a message saying why. It's just politeness.

Feel free to add, if you're interested :D because i like to think i'm a good lj friend, who genuinely cares about the people on my friend list. Many of them get moved over to other journals of mine from year to year, if i get on with them so well, i would be lost without them :)


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